Blog Post Discusses U.S. Withdrawal Of UNFPA Funding, Reasons Why Kemp-Kasten Law Should Not Apply

U.N. Dispatch: Trump Just Made Giving Birth Much Riskier for Millions of Moms Around the World … For *Literally* No Good Reason
Mark Leon Goldberg, managing editor of U.N. Dispatch, discusses the Trump administration’s decision to cut U.S. funding for the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA) by invoking the Kemp-Kasten law, writing, “In the past, this law was invoked by Republican administrations over claims that UNFPA somehow supported China’s one-child policy. … Now, the Trump administration is invoking this same law to cut U.S. funds for UNFPA … This is despite the fact that 1) China ended its one-child policy in 2015; 2) UNFPA specifically excludes safe abortion services from the methods of family planning it provides; and 3) UNFPA actively advocates against forced sterilization. … Now, for literally no good reason, the Trump administration is withholding money from a key international agency that saves the lives of mothers and babies” (4/4).