Better Urban Planning Needed To Reduce Negative Health Impacts Of Urbanization, Report Says

“As the world’s cities become home to a greater percentage of the population, better urban planning will be needed to reduce … negative health impacts [such as air pollution and obesity], according to a new report from the University College London/Lancet Commission on Healthy Cities,” the Atlantic Cities reports (Berg, 5/30). With three of every five people in the world expected to live in cities by 2030, and with two billion living in slum-like conditions, the report “says keeping them healthy will require good planning and local initiatives, in addition to health care services,” VOA News writes, adding, “The report says some of the efforts will be large-scale government projects, like sewage systems … [b]ut many others will be local projects to promote such things as air quality, better building standards, exercise, and urban gardens” (5/29). “The report also includes some case studies of public works and policy decisions that have had a positive impact on public health,” according to (Smith, 5/30).