Better Data On, More Attention To Needs Of Senior Citizens Necessary In New Development Agenda, Report Notes

News outlets discuss findings of the Global AgeWatch Index from HelpAge International, which ranks countries based on social indicators for people older than 60 years.

Devex: How a focus on the ‘old’ can make the ‘new’ development agenda more inclusive
“…[T]he needs of everyone, including the growing number of elderly people globally, must be addressed by the 17 [Sustainable Development Goals] and 169 targets in the much-anticipated post-2015 development agenda — something that the expiring Millennium Development Goals failed to do, according to Jane Scobie, director of communications and advocacy at HelpAge International…” (Santos, 9/9).

The Guardian: Poor monitoring renders millions of elderly people worldwide ‘invisible’
“Elderly people are ‘invisible’ in many countries because of poor monitoring of their wellbeing, according to an index that ranks countries based on the ability of senior citizens to access pensions, health care, employment, and further education. A total of 98 countries were excluded from the 2015 Global AgeWatch Index, which was released by HelpAge International on Wednesday, because governments did not collect enough data on the quality of life of older people, defined by the study as those over 60…” (Anderson, 9/9).