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BBC Radio Show Examines Child Undernutrition

BBC World Service’s “More Or Less” radio show “examines the claim that every 15 seconds a child dies of hunger,” which “is a popular statistic used by celebrities and charity campaigners in support of the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign.” However, the show summary states, “According to the experts behind these figures, the answer is no. The real problem is undernutrition, which leaves children more susceptible to infectious diseases.” Ruth Alexander, the show’s host, “takes a detailed look at the problem of child malnutrition — which countries are worst affected, and what is being done to try to ease the problem,” according to the show summary, which adds, “She is joined by Jack Lundie, IF campaign; Professor Robert Black, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Jane Howard from the U.N. World Food Programme” (6/16).