BBC Examines Eastern DRC’s Battle With Malaria

BBC News article and related video examine the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo’s battle with malaria. “‘Malaria is the main killer here in Congo, especially for pregnant women and children,’ says Dr. Vincker Lushombo, from Save the Children,” BBC writes. “Two decades of conflict and chaos have destroyed key infrastructure and left many families in the east living in makeshift camps, often exposed to malarial swamps,” according to the news service.

“‘It’s a struggle,’ says Corry Kik, who has almost two decades of experience in the region with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) … ‘We need to be more aggressive in targeting prevention, spraying houses’ — with insecticide and draining waterlogged areas where the mosquito breed, says Ms. Kik. Nets, she believes are not ‘the only answer. They are part of the answer,'” BBC reports (Harding, 12/27).