AVAC Report, Bill Gates Stress Need For Better Data To Make HIV, Global Health Progress

SciDev.Net: Data gaps hide pockets of HIV
“Large pockets of HIV infection are not acknowledged, due to a lack of data on HIV occurrence and prevention efforts around the globe, a study [from AVAC] has found. In particular, existing data fail to account adequately for adolescent girls, young women, as well as homosexual men and transgender people in HIV/AIDS-affected countries, says the report issued last month…” (Vesper, 7/20).

Scientific American: Bill Gates Views Good Data as Key to Global Health
“…Bill Gates … has a well-established knack for sifting through complex data sets to find the right pathways for making progress around the globe in health, education, and economic development. Scientific American contributing editor W. Wayt Gibbs sat down with Gates to learn more about how he views the world…” (Gorman, 8/1).