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Global Efforts To Address HIV/AIDS Making Progress, Ending AIDS By 2030 May Prove Difficult; HIV-Positive Youth Need More Support From Governments, Report Says

Devex: Global fight against HIV/AIDS moves toward feasible targets, UNAIDS finds
“Without a vaccine or a cure for HIV/AIDS, it could prove difficult to end the epidemic by 2030, according to Simon Bland, the director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS New York office. But UNAIDS is still working toward feasible, quantitative targets — including less than 500,000 new infections by 2020 — in combating HIV, which an estimated 36.7 million people live with globally…” (Lieberman, 12/4).

VOA News: Report: Governments Must Act to Help Adolescents Tackle HIV Stigma
“Governments must do far more to include the needs of young people in the global fight against HIV and AIDS, according to a new report. Despite progress in tackling the disease, it is estimated that 1,700 new HIV infections occur every day among young people around the world, and the problem is particularly acute in Africa. It is time policymakers recognized that HIV-positive adolescents face unique challenges, says the report from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, alongside the charity Sentebale…” (Ridgwell, 12/4).