Australia’s Academic Sector Can Advance Global HIV Goals, Support New ‘Aid Paradigm’

The Australian: The global HIV epidemic: how to do more with less
David Cooper and John Kaldor of the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales

“In announcing Australia’s new ‘aid paradigm,’ Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has challenged us to help our neighbors by doing more and more effectively, at a lower cost. Those of us who work in global public health are familiar with this imperative because need massively exceeds resources across many disease areas and will do so for many years. … Australia has long been seen as a world leader in all aspects of HIV prevention, treatment, and care … yet our academic sector has been underutilized when it comes to the delivery of international health aid and helping to improve the processes involved. … Australia’s academic sector represents a wealth of expertise that can simultaneously be leveraged to advance the new ‘aid paradigm’ and to bolster Australia’s standing as an innovator in global health aid” (7/18).