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As Interest In Global Health Rises In U.S., San Francisco Stands At Forefront Of Field

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on a growing interest in global health throughout the U.S. and how Jaime Sepulveda, who served as head of epidemiology in Mexico in the early 1980s and who took over the Global Health Sciences division at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) earlier this month, “hopes to make the Bay Area a powerhouse in research and development of global health policies worldwide.” The newspaper writes, “In the past five years, global health has taken off at the Bay Area’s top research institutions,” adding, “Both UCSF and Stanford have opened new global health centers, and Kaiser Permanente — the Bay Area’s largest health care provider — has formalized a program to send its doctors and nurses overseas.”

“In the past decade, academic programs in global health have blossomed all over the United States as public health experts have pointed to the risks, and benefits, of increased interdependence between countries,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports, noting, “In 2000, there were five global health institutes in the United States; as of last year, there were nearly 40” (Allday, 9/26).