AP Examines Implications Of Taiwan, China Tensions Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

AP: Health concerns meet politics amid Taiwan’s WHO exclusion
“Taiwan’s exclusion from the World Health Organization is pitting health concerns against geopolitics during the current crisis over the new illness known as COVID-19. Taiwan has called repeatedly for it to be allowed to participate in WHO, from which it has been barred by China. So strong is China’s diplomatic pressure that Taiwan can no longer take part in the organization’s annual World Health Assembly, even as an observer. China claims sovereignty over self-ruled Taiwan and uses its diplomatic clout to stop the island from joining any organizations that require statehood for membership. … But some observers say Taiwan’s publicity offensive seems at least as much about highlighting its China-imposed diplomatic isolation as it is about public health. Lack of WHO membership puts Taiwan at risk of missing firsthand updates on infectious diseases, but the island’s government has found alternative ways to stay informed, officials and analysts say…” (Jennings, 2/14).