Anxiety, Urgency Build Over President Trump’s Pick To Head USAID

POLITICO: Will Trump keep ‘America first’ with USAID pick?
“President Donald Trump’s pledge to put ‘America first’ could spell bad news for the federal agency that helps foreign countries during times of disaster, famine, and war. But the two people believed to be the leading candidates to head the United States Agency for International Development are at least giving the global do-gooder community some hope. Martin Silverstein, a former ambassador to Uruguay, and Mark Green, a former ambassador to Tanzania who also served in Congress, are considered by much of the international development community as qualified picks with significant experience abroad, and they are the only two people known to have met with Trump personally so far to talk about the administrator job. … But anxiety is building over what Trump will do with USAID, especially given his campaign rhetoric. … Meanwhile, a sense of urgency is growing…” (Kullgren, 2/13).