Antifungal Resistance A Growing Public Health Threat

Undark: Antifungal Resistance Is a Public Health Threat That Shouldn’t Be Ignored
Frieda Wiley, freelance medical writer and clinical pharmacist, discusses the global health threat of antifungal resistance, writing, “Fungal infections are on the rise and pose a serious threat to millions of people globally every year. Linked to everything from global warming to the overuse of antibiotics, which can make people more susceptible to fungal infections, they are surfacing at an alarming rate, and funding for research is not keeping up. … [T]he World Health Organization currently has no funded programs on fungal diseases, and there are fewer than 10 national programs monitoring their spread. Redirecting even a small percentage of the attention and funding that goes into antibiotic resistance could make a difference — and prevent a gathering threat from getting out of control” (12/5).