Antibiotic Drug Resistance Increasing In Developing Countries, Report Shows

News outlets discuss findings from the State of the World’s Antibiotics 2015 report, released on Thursday by the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP).

BBC News: Developing countries show increase in antibiotic resistance
“Rising incomes in the developing world mean more people can afford medical care, but a new study has found that this is also helping spread resistance to antibiotics…” (Soy, 9/17).

National Geographic: Antibiotic Resistance Getting Worse Globally, But Fixes Could Be Simple
“…The report, called The State of the World’s Antibiotics 2015, brings together data from sources that have never been aggregated before: public surveillance programs and private laboratory networks from most regions of the world. The data paint a dismaying picture of antibiotic use and resistance rising in areas where international attention and policy haven’t yet focused: the developing economies where the drugs are easily available but national strategies to contain their use don’t exist or are just being launched…” (McKenna, 9/17).

Wired: Where Antibiotic Resistance Is Worst Around the World
“…CDDEP’s interactive ResistanceMap now contains data on drug resistance from 39 countries and consumption from 69 — obviously still incomplete, but more complete than previous collections. The World Health Organization’s big antimicrobial resistance report last year, for example, largely left off India, where national data isn’t available…” (Zhang, 9/17).