All Sectors Must Work Together To Create Nutrient-Rich, Sustainable Diets To Meet World Demand

Huffington Post: The Problem With Protein
Amy R. Beaudreault, associate director of the Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science at the New York Academy of Sciences

“Will growing hamburgers in Petri dishes be the solution to our future food demand? … While a focus on nutrients is important to create a food system that can sustain the future population, an equal emphasis should be placed on sustainable diets. … Sustainability must be a key factor when considering animal-source protein production methods. … Ultimately, the food may look (and taste) a little different, but if the nutrition, agriculture, economics, and social and behavioral sciences fields work together, we can create sustainable solutions that will enable us to proactively tackle malnutrition and create enough nutrient-rich food to serve the growing world demand” (8/26).