All Countries Should Be Included In Efforts To Reach SDGs

The Hill: New Sustainable Development Goals, but what of nations left behind?
David Vanderpool, trauma surgeon and founder of LiveBeyond

“…The success [the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)] achieved through the concerted efforts of the U.N., world governments, and large and small non-governmental organizations (NGOs) was stunning. … However, not all of the poor countries of the world achieved these admirable results and some actually saw a worsening of these vital indicators. While the world’s poorest celebrated significant reductions in extreme poverty and hunger, for example, Haiti saw no change in the percent of people suffering from either of these two scourges. … While we are excited about working toward the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)] these next few years, let’s be sure we include every country in reaching these significant goals” (10/15).