Aid Groups, Governments, Multilateral Agencies Must Continue Efforts To End Malaria

The Hill: Malaria is on its way out — but the fight isn’t finished
Daniel Speckhard, president and CEO of Lutheran World Relief

“… As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the President’s Malaria Initiative, and World Malaria Day … we’re seeing more access to treatment and smart malaria prevention and education measures making a difference in malaria-affected countries around the world. What’s unique about the President’s Malaria Initiative is that it began with the notion that while malaria was beatable, it would be an uphill battle. To defeat it, government groups, multilateral agencies, the private sector, and NGOs would have to work together. The initiative has seen dramatic results. … We’ve taken massive leaps towards ending malaria. In fact, 26 countries are on track to eliminate the virus entirely. But there’s still more to do. It’ll take all of us — NGOs, local leaders in at-risk countries, and continued funding from Congress — to finally see the last malaria death” (4/25).