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Ahead Of G8 Summit, Science Ministers Agree To Coordinate Greater Efforts Against Antibiotic Resistance

“Science ministers of the G8 countries, meeting in London ahead of the G8 summit in Northern Ireland, agreed to coordinate a wider-ranging global onslaught on antibiotic resistance … the eight ministers said in a joint statement on Thursday,” the Financial Times reports. “Part of the solution lies in curbing the misuse of antibiotics in people, animals and the environment, the ministers said,” according to the newspaper (Cookson, 6/13). “Additional activities will include … supporting targeted research to understand the development of resistance, and developing diagnostics to better inform antimicrobial drug usage,” Agri-Plus notes (6/13). Speaking at the meeting at the Royal Society in London on Tuesday, British “[s]cience minister David Willetts urged his counterparts to impose restrictions, claiming the spread of antibiotic resistance could be as damaging to humanity as climate change,” the Daily Mail writes (Martin, 6/12).