G20 Health Ministers Agree To Address Drug Resistance, Strengthen Health Systems To Improve Outbreak Preparedness

Intellectual Property Watch: No Free Lunch, G20 Health Ministers Find At First Meeting
“Group of 20 health ministers [Saturday] finished their first joint table top exercise to simulate the outbreak of a new deadly viral pandemic in ‘Anycountry’ and passed a seven-page final resolution on pandemic preparedness and antimicrobial resistance. Non-governmental experts and health organizations welcomed the first-ever meeting of health ministers in the G20 format, but see a risk of framing the debate from a global North security perspective. And despite a call of urgency with regard to antimicrobial resistance, the G20 could not agree to include the de-linking of the cost of investment in R&D from the price of medical products…” (Ermert, 5/20).

Reuters: G20 health ministers agree to tackle antibiotics resistance
“Health ministers of the G20 leading economies, meeting for the first time on Saturday, agreed to work together to tackle issues such as a growing resistance to antibiotics and to start implementing national action plans by the end of 2018. … Saying that globalization caused infectious diseases to spread more quickly than previously, the 20 nations also pledged to strengthen health systems and improve their ability to react to pandemics and other health risks…” (Heller/Chambers, 5/20).