African Countries Promote Voluntary Male Circumcision Ahead Of World AIDS Day

“As activists and educators worldwide prepare to mark the 25th observance of World AIDS Day on December 1, efforts to curtail the spread of HIV infection in parts of Africa include scaling up efforts to promote voluntary circumcision among adult males,” USA Today reports (Healy, 11/28). “Nearly two million men have volunteered to be circumcised using U.S. funding in 14 African countries to protect themselves against [HIV], health officials said Wednesday,” NBC News writes, noting PEPFAR “said in 2011 it would help pay for 4.7 million or more voluntary circumcisions over the next two years.” The news service adds, “It’s a small step forward in the fight against the deadly virus, which infects 35 million people globally and has killed another 36 million people, according to the United Nations” (Fox, 11/27). Deutsche Welle examines voluntary male circumcision efforts in Rwanda (Johannsen, 11/29).