Africa Should Adopt Inclusive Approach To Building Health Infrastructure, Improving Health Systems

Financial Times: Africa’s health crisis needs a focus on systems, not people
Adebayo Alonge, co-founder of RxAll

“…Health care systems in Africa have been tailored to fight diseases like malaria and tuberculosis and were not built to handle the rise of non-communicable diseases such as respiratory illnesses and cancer. … [W]hat is needed is a systemic approach rather than a crisis-focused model to better address challenges of the future. Presidents such as Mr. Mugabe prove an unproductive focus for the WHO and won’t prepare Africa for a world where strokes and diabetes outrank malaria and tuberculosis as causes of death across the region. To improve patient treatment and public health reporting in Africa, the future lies in an inclusive approach to building health infrastructure that brings everyone from drug manufacturers to traditional healers to digitally savvy entrepreneurs to the table” (10/30).