Addressing Zika Virus Requires Using All Forms Of Innovative Technology

The Hill: Using all technologies in the fight against Zika
Steve Parkinson, CEO of Lakewood-Amedex

“…Congress should encourage the highly professional and hardworking scientists, technicians, and engineers at the FDA and the CDC to work with the ingenuity and innovation of private sector companies with alternative platforms to consider other approaches such as gene-silencing and antisense technologies that can attack the [Zika] virus at the genetic level and stop viral replication. There are a number of small biopharmaceutical companies developing these technologies that have the potential to move from design to therapy in as few as six months. … We in the private sector applaud [the president’s supplemental budget request to Congress for the Zika response] and ask our elected leaders to cover the waterfront of medical technology when addressing the Zika virus, and not just settle for the standard default remedy of a vaccine” (3/1).