Acting Secretary Of U.S. Army Should Ensure Sanofi Pasteur Charges Fair Prices To U.S. Patients For Zika Vaccine

STAT: U.S. taxpayers are funding a Zika vaccine. Let’s make sure U.S. patients can afford it
Ed Silverman, senior writer and Pharmalot columnist

“Dear Acting Secretary Speer, As you know, the United States must prepare for future outbreaks of the Zika virus, but a high-stakes debate has erupted over a deal the federal government may strike with a private company to develop a vaccine. As acting secretary of the U.S. Army, you have an opportunity — and responsibility — to find a workable solution. The issue is whether the company — in this case, Sanofi Pasteur — should be required to make the vaccine, which is based on technology discovered with U.S. taxpayer funds, affordable for Americans in return for an exclusive license to develop it into a commercial product. I understand there are risks, but you should find a way to ensure that Americans do not overpay. … Senator Bernie Sanders and others maintain the Army should push Sanofi for fair pricing on the Zika vaccine. … In an era of rising drug costs … you have an opportunity to ensure that tax dollars spent subsidizing research provide a return on investment that benefits all Americans” (5/29).