Achieving Health Equity Requires Joint Action

Huffington Post: The War Against Health Inequity
Jennifer Kamara, director at World Health Equity

“…[T]o address the question, ‘What can you do about this health inequity?’ the answer is simply to join the movement in whichever way you can. Your passion needn’t be mature, and you needn’t have experience in the health sector to contribute. Just donate, advocate, or serve in a capacity that you can afford to maintain. Rockstars like Bono and other activists have enlightened us to the fact that together we can improve the health of the underserved. Benjamin Franklin eloquently gives us a reason for which to do so, ‘He who has health has hope. And he who has hope has everything.’ I have seen first-hand the potential that is unleashed in an individual with a renewed sense of health and hope. The ‘value’ of a healthy individual is precisely why health equity is so important, and is the reason we should act on it” (3/25).