Achieving Food Security, Zero Hunger Requires Investments In Smallholder Farmers, Social Protection Services, Women

Huffington Post: Achieving Food Security and Nutrition for those Furthest Behind In an Era of Climate Change
Ertharin Cousin, executive director of the U.N. World Food Programme

“…Achieving food security through adaptation and resilience building for those furthest behind requires immediately addressing three significant blind spots. We must invest in and give priority to supporting smallholder, mostly family farmers, who manage over 90 percent of the world’s farms. … Second, in low-income countries we must invest in and quickly scale-up social protection systems, which deliver a multitude of beneficial outcomes. … The third, and perhaps most important blind spot to address of all, is the need to both recognize and end women’s disempowerment, a fundamental barrier to the achievement of Zero Hunger, and an equal and peaceful world. … Overcoming each of these blind spots will solidify our global ability to achieve Zero Hunger…” (12/1).