Achievement Of ’15 By 15′ Global HIV Treatment Target Shows Ending AIDS Epidemic Possible, UNAIDS Report Says

UNAIDS: Success in reaching ‘15 by 15’ shows that we can end the AIDS epidemic
“Following up on United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s announcement on 14 July that the world had reached the target of providing antiretroviral therapy to 15 million people living with HIV, UNAIDS is releasing a new report that describes the factors that helped the world achieve the ‘15 by 15’ target. … The ‘15 by 15’ target was adopted at a United Nations High Level Meeting in 2011, as part of the Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS: Intensifying Our Efforts to Eliminate HIV and AIDS. The new UNAIDS report focuses on the years 2011-2015, describing what happened to make achievement of the goal possible…” (7/19).