Access To Safe Abortion Critical To Lowering Global Maternal Mortality Rate

The Guardian: Illegal abortions are killing women and aid restrictions are just making it worse
Hannah Mitchell, physician based in Botswana

“…What is stopping women from accessing safe abortions? The first is restrictive laws in their own countries, which can extend to a ban. … The second barrier is the tight regulation governing donor aid. … [F]amily planning and the safe provision of abortions go hand in hand. They are two key components of women’s reproductive rights. … We will not reduce the world’s appalling rate of maternal mortality until we are clear about a woman’s right to choose. We have a key role in the U.K. to help U.S. policymakers change this and ensure that donor aid is no longer subject to these counterproductive stipulations. … All countries across the world must look at their legislation and customs to ensure that illiberal abortion laws are not preventing the most vulnerable women from getting the help they so desperately need” (6/17).