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Accelerating Progress Against Cancer Requires Collaboration, Research

The Hill: Powering our progress against cancer
Edward Abrahams, president of the Personalized Medicine Coalition; Margaret Foti, chief executive officer of the American Association for Cancer Research; and Marcia A. Kean, chair of Strategic Initiatives of Feinstein Kean Healthcare; all co-conveners of the Turning the Tide Against Cancer initiative

“…As a catalyst for more progress, [Vice President Joe Biden] has outlined two priorities for his remaining time in office — increasing funding for research … and integrating siloed research and treatment efforts into a coordinated attack against cancer. Many in the oncology community have already recognized that the most effective way to advance treatments for cancer is through collaboration. … As our organizations have helped lead this work, two themes have emerged. First, the value of research and innovation cannot be underestimated. … Second, achieving this goal requires us to harness the entire health care system to accelerate progress against cancer. … The president’s and vice president’s actions underscore a turning point in the fight against cancer. We are at the cusp of major scientific and treatment advances that can help advance their vision. Doing so will require shared commitment, collaboration, and research and health care systems that are fully aligned in support of faster progress…” (2/2).