5 Shifts Needed To Undertake Global Public Investment Approach To SDG Financing, Experts Write

Devex: Opinion: Embracing global public investment can get financing for development back on track
Jonathan Glennie, senior fellow at the Joep Lange Institute, and Harpinder Collacott, executive director at Development Initiatives

“As the international community seeks to build momentum behind the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals, the question of how to fund them is a priority for everyone. … A new approach is needed to help us meet our ambitions: an approach that is inspiring, yet grounded in pragmatism, an approach reflecting the universality of the SDG agenda, where everyone has a part to play and is motivated to act. This brings us to ‘global public investment’: a new, simple and much-needed big idea that has the potential to revolutionize concessional international public finance intended for sustainable development. … Getting there requires five achievable shifts. Some are underway, while others need greater impetus; all require a new mindset from that of the past. Collectively, these shifts set out a new approach that gives us the best chance of financing the SDGs…” (10/17).