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Opinion Piece Outlines 4 Solutions To Improve Maternal, Child Survival, Including Passage Of Reach Act

Devex: Opinion: 4 sustainable solutions to save millions of mothers and children
Kris Perry, president of Save the Children Action Network, and Vanessa Kerry, CEO and co-founder of Seed Global Health

“…Despite success in reducing mortality rates, the world’s most vulnerable, hard-to-reach women and children continue to face great barriers to accessing basic health services. … Here are four solutions that would save millions of lives of vulnerable mothers and children around the world. 1. Partnerships between nations … 2. The Reach Every Mother and Child Act … 3. Commitment from USAID … 4. Innovative financing mechanisms … Investing in global health is in everyone’s interest. Beyond reducing morbidity and mortality, improvements in health will strengthen economic growth, development, and even security. Effective foreign assistance tools such as the novel development impact bonds and maternal and child health programs are an essential contribution to these goals. We urge Congress to continue the U.S.’s legacy of strong leadership in global health — with swift passage of the Reach Every Mother and Child Act to ensure continued emphasis on maternal and child survival — and to demonstrate the power of bipartisan understanding and support of smart foreign health aid” (6/28).