$1.09B Of $2.89B Pledged Ebola Funding Made It To Africa By End-2014, Study Shows

International Business Times: Ebola Outbreak: A Third Of Promised International Aid Not Delivered
“Only two-thirds of the $2.89 billion in aid promised to Ebola-stricken countries by the international community had been delivered as of the first of the year, a study published Tuesday in the British Medical Journal found. Furthermore, that funding may have come too late to bring the most help to the affected region — revealing a potential gap in the international aid effort…” (Nordrum, 2/3).

Newsweek: Roughly $1.8 Billion in Ebola Relief Donations Haven’t Made it to Africa
“…It took until ‘at least mid-October’ for the first $500 million to arrive, and the first $1 billion didn’t show up until December…” (Schlanger, 2/3).

Reuters: Only 40 percent of Ebola funds reached target countries: study
“…’These delays … may have contributed to spread of the virus and could have increased the financial needs,’ said Karen Grepin, a global health policy expert at New York University who led the study and published it in the BMJ British medical journal…” (Kelland, 2/3).