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Examining Sources of Supplemental Insurance and Prescription Drug Coverage Among Medicare Beneficiaries: Findings from the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey, 2007

This updated chartpack presents sources of supplemental and prescription drug coverage among Medicare beneficiaries in 2007, the most recent year for which national data are available. The chartpack looks at variations in supplemental and prescription drug coverage by income, race/ethnicity, age, urban/rural location, and health status. It also examines characteristics of Medicare beneficiaries with low incomes who are not enrolled in a Part D plan or receiving Part D low-income subsidies.

Prepared by Kaiser Family Foundation researchers, the chartpack is based on analysis of the 2007 Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey.

Chartpack (.pdf)

Earlier versions:

Examining Sources of Coverage Among Medicare Beneficiaries: Supplemental Insurance, Medicare Advantage, and Prescription Drug Coverageā€”Findings from the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey, 2006

Chartpack (.pdf)