Video Download – Health of the Health Care System

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to share the video on websites or blogs, you must embed the videos via YouTube.  Visit the YouTube pages (link provided below), and click the “Share” link.  You are not permitted to download the videos, and then upload the files to any website or blog.

For in-person events: No prior permission is needed.  There is no special software to use in order to play the video. The format we are using is h.264codec in an .mp4 wrapper, which is ubiquitous across multiple platforms.

If you have questions, contact us.  Choose “Problem with video.”

How to download the video:

Windows Users:

“right click” on link and “save link as” to your computer.

Mac Users:

“ctr+click” on link and “download linked file as.”


Health of the Health Care System (2015)

Right click, to download.

To view and/or embed via YouTube: