World Must Consider Links Between Human Health, Environment To Prevent Irreversible Damage

Forbes: Where Health And Environment Converge
Bill Frist, former U.S. senator from Tennessee and chair of Hope Through Healing Hands

“…Global ecosystem degradation has a major impact on health that we often overlook. It can result in the spread of disease, malnutrition, and contaminated drinking water. … We must come to view the human relationship with the earth as we have the relationship between our own mind and body. They are intrinsically intertwined such that a decision about the environment will impact the health of humanity. Where (and how) we live, learn, work, and play has a greater impact on how long and how well we live than medical care. We must be good stewards of our planet so that future generations are not burdened with a sicker, poorer humanity, and an irrevocably damaged earth” (4/15).