World Leaders Sign U.N. Declaration On Universal Health Coverage

The Telegraph: World leaders pledge that no one will fall into poverty because of health costs
“World leaders have committed to providing health care for all in what has been described as a ‘landmark’ declaration. At a high-level meeting at this week’s United Nations General Assembly world leaders signed a declaration agreeing to provide universal health care. Under the agreement countries must now ensure that no one suffers financial hardship because they have had to pay for health care out of their own pocket. They must also guarantee access to sexual and reproductive health care and address the health needs of refugees and migrants…” (Gulland, 9/23).

U.N. News: U.N. welcomes ‘most comprehensive agreement ever’ on global health
“Describing it as an ‘important landmark’ on our ‘journey to health for all,’ Secretary-General António Guterres on Monday welcomed the U.N. Political Declaration on universal health coverage, or UHC, which commits countries to advance towards full coverage for their citizens in four major areas around primary care. During a meeting of heads of State, ministers, health leaders, policymakers, and universal health coverage champions, the U.N. chief called UHC ‘the most comprehensive agreement ever reached on global health — a vision for Universal Health Coverage by 2030’…” (9/23).

Additional coverage of the UHC declaration is available from Quartz and Xinhua.