World Leaders Must Protect Humanitarian Aid Workers In Conflict Zones

CNN: Attacks on aid workers an attack on all
Maleeha Lodhi, permanent representative of Pakistan to the U.N. and the president of the UNICEF Executive Board

“…Around the world, humanitarian aid workers have been bombed, kidnapped, and killed. Their lifesaving supplies have been confiscated and their access to those in need have been blocked. … The humanitarian community is doing all it can to reach [conflict-affected] children and their families and help them rebuild their lives, their livelihoods and, eventually, their countries. But as we saw in Somalia last month, they must often risk their lives to do so. … We must never accept a world in which humanitarian aid workers can be attacked and killed with impunity. Those with the power and the responsibility must renew that most basic principle: to protect those who protect others…” (5/11).