World Humanitarian Summit Secretariat Speaks About Aid Funding, Strategies

The Guardian: People hit by disaster want us to do much better, says humanitarian chief
“If 2015 was all about the world drafting a blueprint to build a fairer, safer, and more prosperous future, this year will be about picking the best tools for the job, with the World Humanitarian Summit bringing aid workers together to make those critical decisions. As head of the summit’s secretariat, Antoine Gérard is the man charged with making sure the May meeting in Istanbul delivers on hopes expressed during years of consultations with humanitarians around the world. … Gérard, who previously worked at the U.N.’s Office for Coordinating Humanitarian Affairs, says he hopes to see clear ideas on how best to use the money that does come in, with emphasis on multi-year funding and longer-term strategies…” (Chonghaile, 1/12).