World Can Deliver On SDGs In This Decade With More Action, Save The Children U.K. Executive Writes In Opinion Piece

Financial Times: Letter: Less celebration, a lot more action on SDGs
Kevin Watkins, chief executive of Save the Children U.K.

“…Progress in human development is indeed one of the central themes in human experience post-2000. Child mortality has been falling at almost 4 percent a year — twice the rate registered in the 1990s. Extreme poverty has been falling at an unprecedented rate. … Yet the world is manifestly not on track for achieving the 2030 goals. … The primary barrier to accelerated progress is a failure to tackle deep-rooted inequalities linked to wealth and gender, allied to a diminishing commitment to international co-operation. Add to this mix the catastrophic consequences of failure to tackle climate change, and you have a prescription for the reversal of past gains. … We can make the 2020s a decade of delivery for the SDGs, but not without a little less celebration and a lot more action” (1/9).