World Bank Evaluation Explores Use Of Container-Based Sanitation As Emerging Solution For Underserved Populations

IISD’s “SDG Knowledge Hub”: World Bank Evaluates Container-based Sanitation to Reach Unserved Populations
Delia Paul, thematic expert for poverty reduction, rights, and governance at IISD, discusses findings from a World Bank evaluation and blog post on container-based sanitation (CBS) as an emerging approach to sanitation. Paul writes, “The report … suggests that CBS be accepted as part of a suite of approaches to city-wide inclusive sanitation (CWIS), given the growth of informal settlements in many parts of the world and the need to provide sanitation services (SDG target 6.2) for all inhabitants. … It recommends that governments adopt conducive policy and regulatory environments to foster CBS, where appropriate, and explore ways to ensure that CBS services are sustainably financed” (2/26).