WHO Urges Nations To Expand Antiretroviral Therapy To All People Living With HIV, Presents New Treatment Guidelines

News outlets report on WHO’s new policy brief discussing the agency’s consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs to treat and prevent HIV infection, as well as its call on World AIDS Day to expand access to antiretroviral therapy.

Deutsche Welle: Fighting HIV with life-prolonging drugs
“…On World AIDS Day, the World Health Organization (WHO) will launch a report with detailed information about antiretroviral treatment, which they say everyone with HIV should have access to. … The positive effect of the antiretroviral (ART) drugs is two-fold. Treatment brings down the viral count in patients to almost zero and keeps HIV-positive people healthy. Their sexual partners benefit from this as well…” (Bleiker, 12/1).

U.N. News Centre: U.N. health agency urges expanding antiretroviral therapy to all people living with HIV
“Expanding antiretroviral therapy to all people living with HIV is the key to ending the AIDS epidemic within a generation, the World Health Organization announced on the eve of World AIDS Day, presenting new ‘treat all’ recommendations to enable countries to expand treatment rapidly and efficiently…” (11/30).