WHO Taking Lead Coordination Role In Bringing Health Care To Frontlines Of Battle For Mosul

Devex: For first time, WHO as implementer in Mosul trauma ‘chain of care’
“…Medical referrals, written and stamped with diagnoses and case details, are usually an anomaly in the frontlines of ongoing conflict. But around the city of Mosul, which government security forces are still fiercely fighting to retake from the Islamic State militant group, they are increasingly becoming the norm — part of a uniquely defined chain of care. Mosul has been the rare humanitarian emergency that everyone could see coming as the Iraqi government telegraphed its intent to retake the city. That has allowed an enormous amount of innovation to happen on the frontlines. One of the most unexpected players close to the battle has been the World Health Organization, a U.N. agency that usually prefers to coordinate from the sidelines…” (Dickinson, 3/29).