WHO Supports Decision By Philippines To Halt Dengue Vaccine Use Amid Safety Concerns

NPR: Vaccine Safety Concerns Shut Down Immunization Campaign In Philippines
“The world’s only vaccine against dengue has hit a roadblock, and this complication is causing some countries to restrict use of the vaccine. Sanofi Pasteur, the French company that manufactures the shot, raised new safety concerns last week about the vaccine. In response, the Philippines suspended a mass immunization campaign, which has already given one dose of the vaccine to more than 700,000 children. And the Brazilian government has tightened restrictions on the shot. The vaccine — called Dengvaxia — raises the risk of a deadly form of dengue for people who have never been exposed to the virus, Sanofi Pasteur wrote Wednesday in a statement. The company says it discovered the complication after analyzing data from a six-year study…” (Doucleff, 12/5).

Reuters: Philippines halts sale of dengue vaccine as Sanofi downplays risk
“…The World Health Organisation said on Tuesday it supported the decision by the Philippines to suspend vaccinations with Dengvaxia until more information was available. It said its Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization would meet to review evidence next week…” (Serapio/Hirschler, 12/5).