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WHO Says Immediate Action Needed On Ebola Outbreak In Africa

News outlets continue coverage on the ebola outbreak in West Africa and discuss the difficulty in studying the disease.

Agence France-Presse: WHO urges ‘drastic action’ on Ebola outbreak in Africa
“The World Health Organization warned Thursday that dramatic steps were needed to fight a deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa, calling a meeting of health ministers from 11 countries to address the crisis…” (6/26).

Associated Press: WHO reduces Ebola death toll in Sierra Leone
“The World Health Organization on Wednesday announced it was changing the way it reports fatalities from the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone at the request of the government…” (Schemm, 6/25).

Huffington Post: Why There Still Isn’t An Ebola Cure
“Ebola first appeared more than three decades ago, but there is still no cure or specific treatment for the disease, in part because the dangerous nature of the virus makes it difficult to study, experts say…” (Rettner, 6/24).