WHO Releases Plan To Cut Trans Fats From Global Food Supply To Help Prevent Heart Disease

Associated Press: U.N. health agency aims to wipe out trans fats worldwide
“The World Health Organization has released a plan to help countries wipe out trans fats from the global food supply in the next five years. … In a statement Monday, the U.N. health agency said eliminating trans fats is critical to preventing deaths worldwide. WHO estimates that eating trans fats — commonly found in baked and processed foods — leads to the deaths of more than 500,000 people from heart disease every year…” (Stobbe, 5/14).

Wall Street Journal: Food Makers Vow to Cut Trans Fats Globally
“…The public health arm of the United Nations said it will urge governments to ban or restrict those fats and replace them with healthier fats and oils. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said eliminating trans fats from human diets would be ‘a global win in the fight against cardiovascular disease.’ … The WHO is promoting a six-point blueprint called ‘Replace’ to help governments implement regulations, create awareness and take other steps to eliminate trans fats in their countries. It was developed in partnership with Resolve to Save Lives, part of the public health nonprofit Vital Strategies…” (McKay/Bunge, 5/14).