WHO Publishes First-Ever Prevention, Control Strategy For Snakebite Envenoming

Associated Press: U.N. health agency issues 1st strategy to address snake bites
“The World Health Organization is publishing its first-ever global strategy to tackle the problem of snake bites, aiming to halve the number of people killed and disabled by snakes by 2030. … WHO’s strategy includes plans to increase global access to treatment and antivenom” (5/23).

Devex: The race to tackle snakebite
“…David Williams, WHO’s snakebite expert, told Devex at the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, this week that the strategy is a holistic attempt to create and spread affordable, high-quality antivenoms, and change community habits. But Williams acknowledged that ‘to some extent, I still think that even our strategy is too cautious,’ adding that ‘we are only limited by our imagination’…” (Chadwick, 5/23).