WHO Policy Briefs Offer Actions To Reduce Risk Of Double Burden Of Malnutrition

PLOS Blog’s “Global Health”: New WHO policy briefs: common drivers and solutions to undernutrition and obesity
Alessandro Demaio, medical officer in noncommunicable conditions and nutrition at the WHO, discusses two new WHO policy briefs on the double burden of malnutrition — defined as “the coexistence of undernutrition along with overweight, obesity, or diet-related NCDs” — and double-duty actions for nutrition, including efforts undertaken to simultaneously reduce the risk or burden of both undernutrition and overweight, obesity, or diet-related NCDs. Demaio writes, “Combating malnutrition is one of our greatest global health challenges. Together, these briefs reinforce the notion that with renewed focus and increased investment in the double burden and double-duty actions, we can tackle these challenges utilizing existing and novel solutions” (5/24).