WHO Must Regain ‘Primacy,’ ‘World’s Trust’ As Leading Health Agency Through Demonstrated Commitment To Transparency, Accountability

Devex: Opinion: A new deal for health
Sania Nishtar, founder and president of Heartfile, co-chair of the WHO Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity, and candidate for WHO director general

“…How can the WHO, as the world’s only universal membership multilateral agency and the world’s lead health agency, drive [toward the vision of health for all], given that the vision for health — universal attainment of the highest possible level of health and well-being — is a shared responsibility, especially in view of the fragmented nature of global, regional, and even some national systems. From my perspective, in order to deliver, first and foremost, the WHO must function to the highest possible standard of efficiency, transparency, and accountability, free from patronism and undue influence. … My vision for a new WHO focuses on the need for the organization to reclaim its primacy and regain the world’s trust as its lead health agency. I stand on my record as a builder and reformer, and someone who has demonstrated commitment to transparency and accountability. I will accelerate meaningful reform of the organization. … By supporting my candidacy, member states will be casting their vote for reform, transparency, and accountability, and an earnest desire for change. United, we will solve the health challenges of today and tomorrow, and restore the WHO we all need” (5/2).