WHO Must Create Effective Early Warning System To Detect, Prevent Future Outbreaks

Washington Post: Putting out the fire, next time
Editorial Board

“…The pain and suffering [caused by the Ebola outbreak] have been immense. Now it is time to confront another hard problem: addressing the weaknesses in global response that allowed the virus to spread so rapidly. Without the urgency of another outbreak, national governments and the World Health Organization will be disinclined to change the way they do business. But change they must, or there will be another wave of disease, panic, and unnecessary death. … A more sensitive early warning system is needed. The WHO is made up of member states, but they, too, performed poorly. Many have failed to implement stronger standards for public health adopted a decade ago with the goal of spotting and reporting local outbreaks that could become a global emergency. This neglect is irresponsible and could be repaid in deadly epidemics to come” (7/26).