WHO Meets With Industry Leaders To Accelerate Ebola Vaccine Development

News outlets report on a meeting among WHO and pharmaceutical company representatives to discuss the research and development of Ebola vaccines.

Agence France-Presse: WHO eyes mass Ebola vaccines by mid-2015 (Fowler, 10/24).
Associated Press: WHO: Millions of Ebola vaccine doses ready in 2015 (Cheng, 10/24).
BBC News: Millions of Ebola vaccine doses by end of 2015, WHO says (Gallagher, 10/24).
The Guardian: WHO: several hundred thousand Ebola vaccine doses expected by mid-2015 (Boseley, 10/24).
New York Times: Health Officials Expect to Start Vaccine Trials in West Africa as Early as December (Pollack, 10/24).
Reuters: WHO says Ebola vaccine plans accelerating as trials advance (Nebehay/Kelland, 10/24).
Science: Ebola vaccines racing forward faster than predicted, but high hurdles remain (Cohen/Kupferschmidt, 10/24).
U.N. News Centre: Ebola: industry leaders meet to discuss vaccine trials, as U.N. agencies continue aid push (10/24).
Wall Street Journal: WHO Says Ebola Vaccine Trials Due December in West Africa (Letzing, 10/24).
World Health Organization: Summary report of a WHO High-level meeting on Ebola vaccines access and financing (10/23).
World Health Organization: WHO convenes industry leaders and key partners to discuss trials and production of Ebola vaccine (10/24).