WHO Meeting Develops Vision, Strategy Prototype For Post-2020 Vaccine Action

Health Policy Watch: WHO Stakeholders Meet To Establish A “Different Approach” For Post-2020 Vaccine Strategy
“The World Health Organization and global partners wrapped up a meeting [March 21] to develop a vision and strategy prototype for the post-2020 decade of action on vaccines and immunizations. This new plan of action for 2021-2030 will take a different approach that is more ‘bottom up’ and collaborative in engaging countries and other stakeholders to tackle emerging immunization challenges, including recent measles and diphtheria outbreaks and growing ‘vaccine hesitancy’ across WHO regions. The 3-day meeting, entitled ‘Co-creating the Future of Vaccines and Immunization,’ took place in Geneva [last] week from 19-21 March, and marked a key milestone in the development of a unified vision and plan for 2021-2030 that will guide WHO’s work on vaccines and immunization…” (Branigan, 3/21).