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WHO Calls For Strengthening Of Efforts To Develop TB Vaccines

The Lancet Infectious Diseases: WHO preferred product characteristics for new vaccines against tuberculosis
Lewis K. Schrager of the WHO Initiative for Vaccine Research and colleagues

“…Given the central role that adolescents and adults with active pulmonary tuberculosis disease have in spreading [Mycobacterium tuberculosis] infection, including to infants and young children, the prevention of the disease in adolescents and adults is a priority strategic target in vaccine development. … A new tuberculosis vaccine intended for administration in early life, providing a superior degree and longer duration of protection than current BCG vaccines, that could be safely administered to infants with HIV infection or other causes of immune suppression, would represent an important public health advance. … Developing new, effective vaccine[s] against tuberculosis represents an important global health imperative. WHO calls for a strengthening of this effort. The [preferred product characteristics (PPCs)] for the development of tuberculosis vaccines targeting adolescents and adults, neonates and infants, as presented here, are offered to help guide this important and challenging initiative” (August 2018).